Order to SIMPO SIK d.o.o. (Serbia)

Process Automation System 

Contains a new control and regulating equipment for Pulp System, Wet Forming Machine, Wet Lap Conveyor, Caul Plate Feeding System, Loader, Unloader, Pusher, Extractor and Main Press.

New elements of the control system:

• Careful monitoring of wet sheet length when cutting. Because we couples the saw movment with the speed of Wet Forming Machins final rolling.
• Signal Replacement between the wet sheet conveyor and the sheet feeding carousel makes it possible to combine them with good precision.
• Accurate position control of loader and unloader eliminates the possibility of incorrect position which can cause slack chains etc..
• Frequency control of motors for Pusher and Extractor allows better control of their movements.
• Enhanced control of loading in the hearth carriages, and for that we use a metal detector to ensure that broken wires not accompanies the curingchambers.


Vacuum pumps in WFM 
Contained a complete vacuum system with a fan that replaced previous vacuum pumps. A vacuum fan provides better drainage of wet sheet and results in savings of electricity and water. 

Such a solution increases the dewatering.
A vacuum pump consumes quite a lot of sealing and cooling water, whereas there is no consumption of water in a vacuum system with vacuum fan.
Such a replacement will simplify operation and reduce maintenance as well as reduce 
the energy and fresh water consumption.

Installed power of the vacuum fan is 90 kW

Wet Lap Conveyors 
Rebuilding of wet lap conveyors to full width belts. With AC Brake motors; with frequency converters and DTC-control.
To eliminate broken mats, and eliminate the risk of any speed differentials, which could stretch or compact the wet lap.

Wet Lap Saw 
Modernization of existing saw, which is used to cut the wet sheet to the correct length. Modernization provides an improvement of cutting result. Previous equipment worked at low pressure, resulting in a poor Cut Face.

IN-LINE Caul Plate High-Pressure Washing Machine
To fastening the screens on the transport plates will really increase the life time of screens at the same time as it increase the board quality and reduce production time loss. At the same time as it save manpower for washing.