The basics for the process control are PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) where start/stop of motors and basic PID controllers are handled. More sophisticated controls are nowadays also implemented i. e. automatic restarts, recipe handling.

The modern HMI (Human machine interface) is realized with computers where the operator handles all controls with a mouse (or trackball, touchscreen). In the HMI system, product and process management functions such as, trends of process variables and data as well as recipes.

The HMI system has an advanced manufacturing execution system that gives a number of benefits.
Among others you get:
• High reliability and easy troubleshooting on line in the process
• Fast and secure handling of process and machines
• Easy optimization of the process and final products
• Tractability of process variables and laboratory results
• Easy control of storage and customer orders

Sigma has considerable experience with process control systems in the panelboard area.

Further information:
Read more in the leaflet Process Automation system.pdf