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Oxygen Generator Oxygen Generator

An Oxidation Reactor system consist of two parts, Oxidation Tanks which quantity is determinded from the required Oxidation Capacity and an Oxygen Generator.
The use of an Oxidation Reactor system eliminates the need for using conventional hazardous oxidation chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or sodium chlorate which eliminate the risk for generation of chlorine gas. The system is fully automatic and
requires a minimum of maintenance.

Positive effects of using an Oxidation Reactor:

  • Significantly reduced cost for the oxidation process.
  • No need for using hazardous oxidation chemicals.
  • No risk for generation of chlorine gas.
  • Improved etching quality.
  • Improved working environment.
  • Reduced emissions to environment.

Cross sections below show how the etching results are improved when using an Oxidation Reactor system.

Cross section when using hydrogen peroxide for oxidation
Cross section when using an Oxidation Reactor for oxidation